DJ Lady Ryan shares here KALW Best of 2023 List of Albums.Check out her list that features some familiar favorites as well as hidden gems that she hopes will bring some color to your playlists.

The Oaklandside : Culture Makers (Video)

In Dec. we The Oaklandside explored the heartbeat of our community’s music landscape as local hip-hop artist and producer Kevin Allen, acclaimed DJ Lady Ryan, and co-owner of Eli’s Mile High Club & Thee Stork Club, Billy Joe Agan, dove into their unique journeys. We looked at the narratives that define their distinctive paths and gained valuable insights into the experiences, inspirations, and visions that contribute to the rich tapestry of Oakland’s diverse music and nightlife culture. Plus enjoyed an incredible live performance by Mani Draper.

Blavity: 15 creatives in the Bay Area you should know about

Blavity Post Graphic by "Spitz" of SinceEIghty6 for DJ

Sometimes the Bay can feel like the cute step-sister of Los Angeles. We get a friendly smile and a side hug as people pass through to pick up the sister they’re really trying to get with. Many say that the reason for this is because there’s no real “industry” for art up here in Northern Cali, and artists often find themselves moving to L.A. or New York to gain bigger shine. Here’s the thing: The Bay is overflowing with talented creatives in all mediums, and should not be slept on.

SF Weekly: Hey DJ LadyRyan

DJ LadyRyan photo by JZ Lim Photography for SF Weekly Hey DJ Interview

We chatted with LadyRyan about her vocal career, East Bay hangouts, and the importance of all-inclusive vibes.